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Investigating Good Design: Del Taco Campaign

If you’ve spent any time around passionate designers, you’ve probably heard them say they never turn off their designer’s eye. Everywhere we look we’re evaluating design, layout, colors and more. But what are we actually thinking about and is it beneficial? Sure it is! We’re critiquing, which helps us improve our own designs.

Want to know what kinds of things go through my head, even when I’m not at “work”?

The Del Taco “Go Bold or Go Home” Campaign.

Letterpress Inspiration and Ideas

So now that the press is up and working, I need some project ideas! I spent snippets of this week mulling over ideas and creating little thumbnails.

The hard part about not knowing all the supplies (fonts, ink, paper) at the shop is that I can’t plan things out too specifically. I don’t want to take this design into the digital world and get totally attached to a font or an image and then not have it when I get up there.

Come see some inspiration I found from Etsy along with my own thumbnail sketch ideas. If you have a great idea and I can use it, I’ll send you 10 free cards from that run!

What will be the Next Trend in Web Design?

In design, as in society, trends tend to swing back and forth between extremes. We had Web 2.0, now we have grunge, two complete opposites in style.

So what’s the next trend in Web design? Learn from history (it always repeats itself) and look at the past couple of trends.

Matching Type to Message

Consider the following sentence in each of the different styles presented. What does each type choice say about the style of the event? Can you begin to see how important choosing the appropriate typeface is? Questions to Answer Learn to ask yourself (or your client) the following kinds of questions to get a better understanding […]


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Sound Smart. Talk About Type

You want to sound smart don’t you? Of course! Everyone wants to sound smart.

Keep reading, because you’ll learn the secrets to wowing your friends with your new-found typography talents. From serif and sans serif fonts, x-heights to baselines, you’ll learn the basics of what you need.

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