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How to Create Aged Tape from Scratch in Photoshop

The grunge look is pretty popular right now and although I didn’t mean to, the new Creative Curio design is going to have many grungy elements to it. The navigation in particular is using an aged tape graphic created in Photoshop. Want to learn how I did it? Keep reading! Creating the Master Tape Texture […]

Using Expert Features of Illustrator: Glyphs and Pathfinder

This is a guest post by Esben Thomsen. I’m always looking for guest authors for Creative Curio! Some time ago I saw Alec’s beautiful wallpaper artwork (shown above) on Flickr.com. He has a big crush on Minion Pro–who doesn’t like stressed o’s? Another awesome feature of Minion Pro, is how many glyphs come with that […]

Everything You Need to Know About Creating an RSS Icon in Illustrator

By Esben Thomsen The purpose for this tutorial is to learn how to use the palettes mentioned previously. I will be using Illustrator CS3 for this article. In addition to the RSS icon, I will show you how to crop artwork in CS3 and how you should be able to do it in CS2 and […]

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