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Shortcut Shindig — Illustrator

Key commands or shortcuts are essential for quick and efficient workflow. The Shortcut Shindigs featured here on Photoshop (see Essential Photoshop Shortcuts and Make Your Life Easier with a few Photoshop Functions, too) and InDesign have been very popular, and Esben’s intro to Illustrator series is a great hit! So why not follow up with […]

Customizing Illustrator for Maximum Efficiency

I hope you didn’t miss Esben’s introduction to Illustrator last Monday! Go back and read it if you did! This week, Esben shows us how to set up Illustrator palettes so that you can work more efficiently and not always have to go hunting for the right palettes. by Esben Thomsen The first steps are […]

11 Must-Have Tools for Web Designers

Go ahead and bookmark this page right now because below you’ll find the most used resources of a web design extraordinaire. A note from Lauren: Several of you have been asking for more articles and information on web design. I don’t have a whole lot of experience in that area, though it interests me; my […]

Understanding InDesign Layers

Layers in InDesign can be frustrating. Remember how annoying it was to learn the difference between Illustrator layers and Photoshop layers? Well, be prepared for yet another way of treating “layers.” What are InDesign Layers? For you Photoshoppers, InDesign treats layers like Photoshop treats Groups, but layers in InDesign are actually most similar to the […]

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