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The Best InDesign Tip Ever!

I have a simple but essential tip to give you for working in InDesign.

Learn to love the Control/Command key!

Here’s why: Scale Objects Quickly, Select Objects Below, Create Spread Guides While Zoomed In. Read more to find out exactly how to do these.

InDesign Help: Speeding Up Formatting and Changes

The Help files provided with your Adobe software should be the first place you turn when you are trying to figure out how to do something. Don’t waste time searching through countless websites, trying to figure it out on your own or creating a horrible work around that only actually works half the time.

Using Other People’s Content is OK!

Using other people’s intellectual property is not only ok, it’s necessary in the professional world of graphic design. WHAT?! Yes, really. As much of a purist as I like to be, in the real world I’m finding it’s impossible to design without using other people’s stuff (purchased ligit of course). You simply don’t have the […]

Stress Can Be Good

Times of stress can be great catalysts in helping us develop better time management skills. We learn to prioritize what is really necessary, what can wait and what would just be nice to check off the list. Prioritize I’m one that is easily overwhelmed with things that need to be done, whether it’s chores or […]

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