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The Best InDesign Tip Ever!

I have a simple but essential tip to give you for working in InDesign.

Learn to love the Control/Command key!

Here’s why: Scale Objects Quickly, Select Objects Below, Create Spread Guides While Zoomed In. Read more to find out exactly how to do these.

Answers to Reader Questions on InDesign

I received an email from a reader recently. For any of you that are also new to InDesign, I thought you might benefit from my response, below, a little more organized than my response to her.

In this post I’ll cover Paste in Place, a little bit about InDesign Layers, a few InDesign shortcuts, adjusting the stacking order of objects, the Step and Repeat function, contextual menus and more beginner articles on Creative Curio.

If you have any questions about InDesign, be sure to check out this article and post a comment!

Shortcut Shindig — Illustrator

Key commands or shortcuts are essential for quick and efficient workflow. The Shortcut Shindigs featured here on Photoshop (see Essential Photoshop Shortcuts and Make Your Life Easier with a few Photoshop Functions, too) and InDesign have been very popular, and Esben’s intro to Illustrator series is a great hit! So why not follow up with […]

Shortcut Shindig – InDesign

It’s time for another shindig! Since we’ve been focusing on InDesign for the past 2 weeks, why not some ID shortcuts? Yes? Good idea! Tools Many of the tools in InDesign I don’t use, but I’ll list them anyway. If there are no comments next to them, it’s a safe bet I haven’t found a […]

Shortcut Shindig

So it seems that the posts on shortcuts for tools and functions have been quite popular! We’ve had many readers contributing their favorite Photoshop key commands in the comments. In case you’re only reading through a feed reader and you haven’t stopped by to comment, I pulled up some of them below.

Make Your Life Easier with a few Photoshop Functions

Seeing as the last post on Essential Photoshop Shortcuts was pretty popular, I thought I’d share a few more, this time for the functions I use most often and find most valuable to have as shortcuts. The Biggies Ctrl+S is probably THE most important! It’s the command for Save and if you’ve been in the […]

Essential Photoshop Shortcuts

When you are working on a design, do you have to use the Tools Palette at all in Photoshop or have your fingers memorized the shortcuts? Not using the Photoshop key commands is a sure way to slow yourself down; it’s frustrating to not be able to work as fast as your mind can think! […]

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