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The Quick and Easy Guide to Color Correction Part 1

This guide will serve as an introduction to people who are not familiar with how to color balance their photos as well as serve as a refresher for those who are. Part 2 will feature more advanced techniques and methods to take your great looking photo and make it look incredible.

Great Techniques for Photoshop Beauty Retouching

Everyone wants to look good, but sometimes the camera doesn’t capture you the way you really are (right? *wink*).

Don’t you want your photos to look good, too? It doesn’t take very long!

Photoshop Retouching: Heal, Clone or Copy?

Before Photoshop CS, the only option for retouching a photograph was to use the Clone Stamp tool. This is a difficult tool to learn to use because it duplicates pixels exactly, which can create a nasty pattern look if you’re not careful.

Hurrah for the Healing Brush! This is a huge leap in retouching for Photoshop. It works by copying an area of the canvas and blending it with the surrounding pixels’ color and texture, which eliminates the pattern effect that the clone stamp can have.

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