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Small Details of a Blog Design

Are you thinking about redesigning your blog soon? There are quite a few special things to consider with this type of website, and as I’ve just launched my new redesign, I thought you might appreciate some tips, resources and points to consider for a blog redesign (or bookmark this for later because you know you’ll eventually need to redesign!)

Come See!

Well, it’s here! You’ve been waiting for the redesign since January, and it’s finally up!

There are of course some little thing that still need to be worked out, but it’s 90% there. A HUGE thank you and lots of kissies to my husband for his hard work over this past week coding and troubleshooting and keeping me calm while things just wouldn’t work right.

The Creative Process: Details, Details, Details

The Creative Curio redesign started the coding phase this week! My wonderful Web wizard husband agreed to take on the challenge. I’m trying to get him to write a post or two about the process (maybe some comments to the tune of “Yes, please!!” will get him to do it!). I’m hoping to be able […]

How to Create Aged Tape from Scratch in Photoshop

The grunge look is pretty popular right now and although I didn’t mean to, the new Creative Curio design is going to have many grungy elements to it. The navigation in particular is using an aged tape graphic created in Photoshop. Want to learn how I did it? Keep reading! Creating the Master Tape Texture […]

The Creative Process: A Return to the Redesign

Sometimes you just get stuck on a project and you have to let it sit for a bit; just completely walk away and not think about it. I had to do that with the redesign because what started out as fun project turned into a chore and my ideas waned. March was also a hectic […]

The Creative Process: Doodles are the Key to Success

I had a lot of fun this week coming up with a combination of “curio” and interesting brush work. I looked to the more mystic side of the traveling circuses for my inspiration and I really like the direction this design is headed. Last week I thought I was taking on a look that was […]

The Creative Process: Researching Alternatives

If you’re new to Creative Curio, you’ve come to the most popular series of articles! But you’re in luck! Only two weeks have gone by since I started documenting my creative process as I redesign my blog. The first week, I wrote about steps one and two in the design process, research and thumbnails, in […]

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