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From Moveable Type to QuarkXPress

By Stephen Tiano

I logged my first experience setting type during the pre-computer age in a mandatory, ten-week high school shop class forty years ago. We took individual pieces of metal type, lead I believe—lowercase characters from a compartmentalized drawer and uppercase in a drawer above that—and set type one line at a time in a frame. We sometimes needed extra, blank pieces of metal to space out lines. Just as likely, though I do not remember doing this, would be the need to fit type by shaving tiny slices of the soft metal from either side of an individual character.

Despite—or perhaps because of—what I remember of that old class, the first thing I check after setting a page of type is word spacing.

Quark for InDesign Users, Part 2

QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign are the two main layout programs used in the graphic design industry. Quark was the leader–and almost the only game in town–until about 2002 when Adobe released InDesign. At that time many Quark users were irritated that their needs were not being address and InDesign really came in at the perfect time. Many Quark users quickly jumped over to InDesign. Adobe was really smart in practically giving in away free if you bought the Creative Suite–basically a bundle of Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat–the core programs in any designer’s arsenal.

But Quark is still hanging on and indeed, will probably never go away, so it’s good to at least be comfortable working in both, even if you prefer one over the other. Last time I told you about the Tools palette in Quark, and also pointed out some helpful shortcuts you can use. It’s important to know the differences between Quark and InDesign in terms of working with images.

Quark for InDesign Users

Recently I had to take over a huge project that was done in QuarkXpress. Not my forte if any of you have noticed! I’m an InDesign girl through and through. In fact, up until this project, I hadn’t worked in Quark very much at all.

It was a learning opportunity—something that I’ve come to enjoy—even if it was full of frustration and aggravation about the differences between the two layout programs.

I thought I’d put together a little collection of my observations about the basic differences between working in Quark vs. working in InDesign. Hopefully it will help those of you who are transferring from one program to the other.

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