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Investigating Good Design: Wrigley’s Tea Escapes

Design is a delicate balance between theory and aesthetic sensibilities. The more you practice the theory—the elements and principles of design—the more it will become second nature and your ability to intuitively know how to create, fix or critique a design will improve.

It is helpful to go over each element and principle individually, but it is equally as helpful to see how each element and principle of design works in the context of a single design. Below we will analyze the design theory behind this Wrigley’s Tea Escapes packaging from Hornall Anderson.

Enhance Your Designs with the Principle of Proportion

Have you ever seen a design that looks so absolutely perfect all you can do is stand in awe of its aesthetic qualities? What is it about those pieces that make them so visually stunning? And, more importantly, how can YOU create a design like this?

The answer is Proportion.

As always, as you read through this article, notice the uses of the elements and principles of design. See how proportion depends on them and helps create and support other principles.

What is Proportion? Proportion can be recognized in several ways; it is the use of the design elements size and scale, evenly distributing the viewer’s attention and the use of the golden ratio.

What You Need to Know About Size

Have you ever visited somewhere when you were little and then gone back many years later when you were an adult? Did you bring a friend along with you and blather on excitedly all the way there about how it would be absolutely super-colossal, gigantic, enormous!

But then you get there.

As an adult, the magic is gone. You realize it was only your perspective as a small child that made the pool seem so huge.

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