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6 Design Tips for Large Format Printing

Whether it’s a giant banner or a tradeshow backdrop, large format printing presents unique challenges for designers. Here are six handy tips for smoothing out the process.

You generally only get one shot at printing a large format piece. Large format printing is EXPENSIVE and you more than likely won’t get a mock or preview piece. Be sure you go over all the details with a fine-tooth comb and this list for best results.

Parent Sheets, Paper Grain and Saving Money

Something sparked my interest in parent sheet sizes yesterday. I don’t remember what it was, but I was rather disappointed to not find much information when I searched for parent sheet imposition and prepress tips.

When you’re thinking about sizing and folds for a new design, particularly for brochures or invitations, you have to take into consideration what will be the most economical to lay out on parent sheets when printing.

Parent sheets are the large sheets that printers initially print a project on. These are usually set up so that cutting and folding of common paper sizes (like 8.5×11) are easy.

The usual parent sizes are 17×22, 19×25, 23×35, 25×38 and 26×40 for the U.S., and A2, A1, and A0 for Europe and other countries that use ISO sizes.

My Adventures in Letterpress Printing, Part 3

Last Saturday was my final letterpress class. I really enjoyed it! If you’ve missed my previous letterpress articles, you can visit week 1 and week 2. I’m a little sad it’s over, but that’ll give me more time to get the Vandercook SP15 press up and running! I printed my second set of cards on the Vandercook again (never got a chance to use the C&P). Even though this was only my second time on a press, it was definitely easier than the first time.

The real exciting part for me this week was more cleanup on the SP15! If you’ll remember last time, I shared that I’m restoring a Vandercook printing press so that I can use it. It doesn’t belong to me, but it’s not being used by anyone right now and it needs some love and attention and a gallon or two of Evapo-Rust! Click any of the pictures below to see a larger version on Flickr.

My Adventures in Letterpress Continued

Last week I told you about the letterpress class I’m taking. Well this week was my first time to print on the press! It was a ton of fun! I’ll show you a couple of pictures of me actually printing on a Vandercook 4 and as a little bonus, get a peek at my progress on restoring a Vandercook SP15.

Printing Large Format? Read This First.

The first time you design a billboard or a large banner for a tradeshow is an intimidating experience. I had so many questions the first time! Many of you might be wondering where I have been for the past few weeks. At the beginning of March, I took a cruise in the western Caribbean. It […]

Is There a New Trend in Logo Design?

Andi “Toon” Creffield is a friend I met on Estetica Design Forum (formerly graphic-design-forum.com). He invited me to join the forum around the beginning of this blog and I have enjoyed being a member and networking with other designers from around the world. Toon has worked in the web and print design industries since 1999, […]

Three Devastating Mistakes Every Designer Will Make and How You Can Avoid Them

There are so many things to remember when you are a graphic designer; bleed, page dimensions, color spaces… important things can easily slip through the cracks! When you are a new designer, it can be even more overwhelming. Through my experience–both by committing these mistakes and by receiving files where others have made them–I have […]

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