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Changes at Creative Curio

What happened to all the great Creative Curio articles?? You may have noticed I (LaurenMarie) haven’t been around here much lately. Want to know why?

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Great Inspiration On and Offline

I’ve been doing quite a bit of original creative recently and it’s been helpful to have tons of design resources. Thanks mostly to blogs like Inspiration Bit, David Airey (and Logo Design Love), iLT, Just Creative Design and Smashing Magazine, I’ve found some great inspiration for my work. I thought maybe you all could benefit from a fairly comprehensive list of creative inspiration, too!

It’s All Your Portfolio

Everything in your portfolio says something about you as a designer. But is there more to it than a good portfolio for getting a job or landing a new client?

Rule Number 1
Never submit something to a client you wouldn’t put in your portfolio. The first reason to do this is that the client will always, always select that horrible design over all the other excellent ones you present. And then you’re stuck producing the crummy one that you hated and you thought the client would never choose. Serves you right!

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