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How to Set Up a Consistent Baseline in InDesign

I’ve talked about setting up a consistent baseline before, but I realized I’ve not explained exactly how to do it; I’ve only mentioned it briefly at best. First, you should be familiar with the points and picas system, and also how to use them. It will require a bit of planning, but your documents will […]

Using Points and Picas

By the way, it’s pronounced pieka, as in pie, not pika. Please, no pika. A quick recap from the last post: 1 inch = 6 picas 1 pica = 12 points 1 inch = 72 points Why Use Points and Picas? The thing that I like about using the pica system for page layout is […]

What’s a Pica?

When I was looking at designing my first big print piece, I decided it was time to learn more about the grid and about the measurement system of points and picas. I started reading about picas and it immediately clicked with me: even our screen resolutions are based on this system! Haven’t you ever thought […]

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