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Mastering Photoshop Masks: Vector Masks

If you’ve been following Creative Curio for the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing masking in Photoshop. Here is the series so far: Mastering Photoshop Masks: The Basics Mastering Photoshop Masks: Layer Masks Mastering Photoshop Masks: Expert Techniques Mastering Photoshop Masks: Quick Masks One thing not mentioned yet, though, is Vector Masks. I’m a little […]

Mastering Photoshop Masks: Expert Techniques

Photoshop masks should be the only choice you make when looking for a way to hide unwanted pixels. Never use the Eraser tool unless you are 150% positive you will never ever need those pixels again! If you are just now coming upon this masking mini-series, check out Masking Basics and Layer Masks. Most of […]

Mastering Photoshop Masks: Layer Masks

Remember the most important rule of Photoshop: never alter the original image. Also remember the two basics about Photoshop Layer Masks: black hides, white reveals. So how do you use a layer mask? First you need a layer with an image on it that is not the background layer. Background layers are automatically locked, so […]

Mastering Photoshop Masking: The Basics

The number one rule in Photoshop is never alter the original. This means if you are going to apply a filter to a layer, make a duplicate first. Always use adjustment layers instead of permanently altering the image information in a layer. Never clone stamp or heal on the original layer. Always, always make a […]

Fast and Easy Ways to Create Custom Grunge Textures

Did you know you can use Photoshop brushes for tools other than the Brush? You’ve probably noticed recently that there is a resurgence of the grunge look in graphic arts. If you don’t want to use someone else’s pre-fab textures, you’ll need to make your own. Or maybe you’ve found one you sort of like […]

Can’t Afford Photoshop? Try The GIMP! It’s Free!

I can’t remember exactly when and where I met Kristarella, but she has since become a regular commenter here on Creative Curio. Whenever I write about Photoshop, she always lets us know whether The GIMP, an open source (read “free”) alternative to Photoshop, can do the same things and if not, then she looks into […]

How to Design Unique Photoshop Brushes

Jacob Cass started his blog, Just Creative Design, in January of 2008 and it has grown at an incredible rate thanks to his quality articles on design and creativity. Currently he is hosting a $5000 prize giveaway graphic design group writing project that is sure to be worth bookmarking when all the contributions are compiled! […]

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