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A Simple Golden Lettering Effect with Photoshop Layer Styles

A reader requested a tutorial on how to make the gold effect I’ve used on the Creative Curio and Extras titles. It’s a pretty simple technique, but like most things, it takes time and experimenting with different filters, layer styles, layer modes, etc. to get the right look.

The gold lettering that I’ve created actually only uses layer styles. I’ll show you them in this artcle.

Understanding Photoshop Smart Objects & Layers

A long overdue tool in Photoshop is Smart Objects. Smart Objects function a lot like groups in that they let you combine multiple layers and help you stay organized in your document. The biggest advantage to Smart Objects is that pixel data AND vector shapes you store in a Smart Object are perfectly preserved letting you resize and manipulate without affecting the original image data. This is incredibly handy for Photoshop pieces where you have photos that you are constantly resizing up and down to fit. It also means that you can embed complex vector assets directly from Illustrator.

Tutorials, Tips and Techniques for Photographing Fireworks and Light Painting

It’s Independence Day here in the U.S. and I thought it would be fun to share some firework and light painting/writing tutorials and galleries. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration and take your camera out with you tonight for the festivities. Happy 4th of July!

The Quick and Easy Guide to Color Correction Part 2

In part one of this guide I covered the basics for color balancing. In this guide, I’ll show you more advanced techniques on how to take your color corrected photo and turn it into a gorgeous, glossy photo you might find on the cover of a magazine. This process relies a lot more on artistic interpretation than straightfoward color correction, so an eye for color certainly helps.

While my objective with this post is to achieve a colorful glossy underwater photo, you can use the same techniques to achieve any kind of style or mood you are looking for whether it’s a Film Noir look or a cold wintery day feel to your photo.

Photoshop Action Freebie: Light Writing Effect

Light writing styles are becoming quite popular in graphic design right now. There have been several tutorials from PSDtuts on the subject and one in particular that used letters and layers. It was a looong process to go through and change each letter on 20 different layers!

Well guess what! I have a Photoshop action for you (developed by my husband, Jerrol) that will do almost the same exact thing in a matter of seconds! The only difference is that it will not change the font for you. I think it looks just as good with all the same font (sometimes even better, depending on the effect you want), but you can always go in and change it after the action creates all the layers for you.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Color Correction Part 1

This guide will serve as an introduction to people who are not familiar with how to color balance their photos as well as serve as a refresher for those who are. Part 2 will feature more advanced techniques and methods to take your great looking photo and make it look incredible.

How to Create Aged Tape from Scratch in Photoshop

The grunge look is pretty popular right now and although I didn’t mean to, the new Creative Curio design is going to have many grungy elements to it. The navigation in particular is using an aged tape graphic created in Photoshop. Want to learn how I did it? Keep reading! Creating the Master Tape Texture […]

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