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Add Value to Your Design

Not consciously taking control of the element of value to your designs is like using a flashlight at noon. Its full potential is utterly wasted!
What is Value?

Value is the relative lightness or darkness of an object. It is the difference between shadow and highlight, and all the midtones in between. Value is not the same as color, though value can be used to “color” an image. Black and white photography is a perfect example. It’s not any less appealing because there is no color!

What You Need to Know About Size

Have you ever visited somewhere when you were little and then gone back many years later when you were an adult? Did you bring a friend along with you and blather on excitedly all the way there about how it would be absolutely super-colossal, gigantic, enormous!

But then you get there.

As an adult, the magic is gone. You realize it was only your perspective as a small child that made the pool seem so huge.

Create Some Space

Have you ever looked at a design, be it an advertisement or a website, and felt repulsed? Like you can’t keep looking at it because something about the design is pushing you away, making you feel an awkward tension, a dizzying overload of information or frustration because you can’t find what you’re looking for?

It’s probably because you are looking at a negligent of space.

Get in Line, Now!

Take a piece of paper and a writing implement and draw a line. What does your line look like? Is it straight or curvy? Does it vary in size and weight? What is a Line? A line connects two points. Lines come in every shape and size. They are one way to define space and […]

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