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Paper Inspirations

Paper is pretty.

Ok, so maybe I’m just weird, but I love getting paper sample books in the mail. With all the digital processes today, it’s so nice to hold something and feel its texture and warmth.

The paper swatch books usually have a section in them for performance, where they have samples of how the paper performs under different conditions—foil stamping, metallic ink, embossing, etc. I’ve even seen samples printed with a letterpress! Can you imagine how fun it would be to design these books?

Parent Sheets, Paper Grain and Saving Money

Something sparked my interest in parent sheet sizes yesterday. I don’t remember what it was, but I was rather disappointed to not find much information when I searched for parent sheet imposition and prepress tips.

When you’re thinking about sizing and folds for a new design, particularly for brochures or invitations, you have to take into consideration what will be the most economical to lay out on parent sheets when printing.

Parent sheets are the large sheets that printers initially print a project on. These are usually set up so that cutting and folding of common paper sizes (like 8.5×11) are easy.

The usual parent sizes are 17×22, 19×25, 23×35, 25×38 and 26×40 for the U.S., and A2, A1, and A0 for Europe and other countries that use ISO sizes.

Ancient Arts Revived: Modern Origami and Other Paper Crafts

Give your design a personal touch. Think about adding some origami or note-folding to it!

See examples and get plenty of links to money folding, note folding, traditional origami, Toy Paper monsters, even Star Wars origami (and diagrams!), plus amazing paper art by the likes of Jen Stark, Peter Callesen and Richard Sweeney!

Will this inspire you to create something unique for your next design or ad campaign?

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