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ACE InDesign and a Few Tips I Picked Up Along the Way

Do you want to be an ACE? I do! And that’s why I’m studying to take the Adobe Certified Expert exam for InDesign.

There is so much to this program that I never knew! I’ve been using it fairly regularly for at least a year and I thought I had a pretty firm grasp of it. There are so many little ways that InDesign can help you out by automating layout elements. Let me share a few I’ve learned this week, specifically setting document defaults for all new documents (and what you can set as a default), working with sections, and autoflow text.

Quark for InDesign Users, Part 2

QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign are the two main layout programs used in the graphic design industry. Quark was the leader–and almost the only game in town–until about 2002 when Adobe released InDesign. At that time many Quark users were irritated that their needs were not being address and InDesign really came in at the perfect time. Many Quark users quickly jumped over to InDesign. Adobe was really smart in practically giving in away free if you bought the Creative Suite–basically a bundle of Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat–the core programs in any designer’s arsenal.

But Quark is still hanging on and indeed, will probably never go away, so it’s good to at least be comfortable working in both, even if you prefer one over the other. Last time I told you about the Tools palette in Quark, and also pointed out some helpful shortcuts you can use. It’s important to know the differences between Quark and InDesign in terms of working with images.

InDesign Project — Bleed and Layering Master Pages

I thought I had finished my last InDesign Project installation and then I realized I hadn’t walked you through setting up bleed or talked to you about the different screen/view modes. Tracey had also asked if I would further expand on the idea of layering master pages. Sorry this is a little out of the normal flow of a project!

InDesign Project — Setting Up Master Pages and Styles

Last time I showed you how I set up my files with Grids, Guides and Baselines. Now let’s continue down the road of good file prep practices and look at the Master Pages and text styles. These are all very important steps! Don’t skip them for the sake of saving time at the beginning. You’ll regret it later when you have a messy file and you’ll probably be embarrassed to pass it on to another designer.

Making Changes Easier with Master Pages

Picture it: you’re all done designing and laying out a beautiful 500 page book and the client comes back to you and says, “We really need to make those blue subtitles red and delete the book’s title at the bottom of all the right hand pages. Oh, and we need to send it to the […]

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