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New Blog Friends!

Since joining Twitter a few weeks ago, I’ve been introduced to many new design blogs! It seems there are little circles that design bloggers tend to hang out in—not in a clique sort of way, but it seems when we start our blogs around the same time, we tend to hang out with other people who did the same.

I wanted to share with you some new design blogs I’ve discovered and really enjoyed lately. This isn’t supposed to be an all-inclusive list (go here if you want that) or a list of the new guys, “up and coming,” or anything like that, but rather a sampling of new material.

Check Out These Great Design Links!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out into the blogiversosphere. Maybe it’s been too long for you too? Jump back in with these fantastic design posts from the past few weeks, including some announcements of InDesign CS4 features! Woo!

Tutorials, Tips and Techniques for Photographing Fireworks and Light Painting

It’s Independence Day here in the U.S. and I thought it would be fun to share some firework and light painting/writing tutorials and galleries. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration and take your camera out with you tonight for the festivities. Happy 4th of July!

Thank You!

In lieu of an official design-related blog post today, and because I just built a new computer over the weekend, which means I completely forgot that I needed to install MS Office (I start writing my posts in Word) and Creative Suite, and because Darren has just declared today, April 14, Blogger Appreciation Day [Unofficial], […]

Great Resources for Learning Illustrator

Some of you may know that I’m not a traditionally educated designer or Web developer; I learned everything from the Web and it has so far taken about a year and half to master Illustrator to such a degree that I can teach others. I’m not a particularly good designer and I can’t present 40 pages of illustrations on Flickr that is a Bible for other designers, but knowing the tools of your trade guards against sleepless nights wondering “How do I make a grungy brush with flower patterns…?”

March Links and a Caribbean Cruise

If you didn’t realize by my lack of responding to your emails and comments, I’ve been quite out of touch these last few weeks. First I was on vacation—a wonderful Caribbean cruise—and then I was at my company’s sales convention. I missed so many great articles while I was away, not to mention connecting with […]

Thanksgiving Link Love

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d show some appreciation for some of my favorite posts over the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy these as well! Creative Curio will be back to the regular posting schedule (M, W, F) next week.

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