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My Adventures in Letterpress Printing

As many of you know I’m taking a letter press printing class! So far it’s a lot of fun, but we haven’t even gotten to the printing part yet. The first week we watched the instructor print some cards. We saw how the C&P inked itself (it’s automatic and runs on a motor) and then watched as she set up the job. The second week is when we finally got to do some hands on work! Yay!

Not to be Missed Design Inspirations from Flickr

From generic to specific, Flickr groups and individual member sets abound in this social media center for images. Flickr isn’t just for your vacation pictures or your latest lolcat photos anymore. Flickr is a great place for loads of inspiration from letterpress to graffiti, typography to doodles. As a graphic designer, I’m always in search of new sources of inspiration for a wide variety of projects. Flickr is the answer!

The World of Movie Props, Letterpress and Design

A while ago I got an email from Taxi inviting me to check out their 100th issue celebration. I poked around the site a bit, particularly reading all the quotes on design and I found one particularly intriguing by a guy named Ross MacDonald. “Often the ‘perfect’ font is too big or too small, or […]

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