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Investigating Good Design: Del Taco Campaign

If you’ve spent any time around passionate designers, you’ve probably heard them say they never turn off their designer’s eye. Everywhere we look we’re evaluating design, layout, colors and more. But what are we actually thinking about and is it beneficial? Sure it is! We’re critiquing, which helps us improve our own designs.

Want to know what kinds of things go through my head, even when I’m not at “work”?

The Del Taco “Go Bold or Go Home” Campaign.

Understanding InDesign Layers

Layers in InDesign can be frustrating. Remember how annoying it was to learn the difference between Illustrator layers and Photoshop layers? Well, be prepared for yet another way of treating “layers.” What are InDesign Layers? For you Photoshoppers, InDesign treats layers like Photoshop treats Groups, but layers in InDesign are actually most similar to the […]

Resources for Inspiration

How often do you finally decide to start a project you’ve been meaning to work on only to discover you have absolutely no idea what to do?

I feel like I go through that with every project! What do I do? Research.

There are hundreds of remarkable articles on inspiring websites and Smashing Magazine usually puts together pretty good collections, like 60 Elegant and Visually Appealing Designs. If you’re one a little more for the typography of websites, there are 15 that make the crème de la crème list at I Love Typography.

The Grid in Practice

If you’re new to using the grid system, you might have been a little confused by last week’s post. You may have been thinking that you have to reduce all your text or crop your images to fit into those skinny little columns.

Remember, the grid is just a tool. Use it to enhance your designs and make laying out images and text easier on yourself. How do you do that? Build a grid first, then put on your creativity hat! Have fun!

Using the Grid

The more I learn about how designers use the grid system and the different ways they construct their grids, the more free I feel to take my creativity to new heights! But how can using a complex, confusing, restrictive set of lines help me be free?

Glad you asked.

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