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4 Tips for Creating an Effective Poster Design

You’re ready to make a poster. The creative juices are flowing and you have a deadline to meet, but wait! Don’t start without reviewing these 4 important poster design tips.

Using Environmental Graphics as Marketing Collateral

In this article, we’re going to cover when and why you would use environmental graphics, we’ll dig into the design process and then talk about managing your relationship with your print service bureau to make sure you get the product you want!
When and Why Use Environmental Graphics?

The best times to use Environmental Graphics (EGs) is when you know your target audience will be in a certain environment! When does this occur? Corporate events/parties, trade shows, transit stations (ex: subways), and other concentrations of your audience provide the ideal times to reach your target when they are receptive to your communication.

6 Design Tips for Large Format Printing

Whether it’s a giant banner or a tradeshow backdrop, large format printing presents unique challenges for designers. Here are six handy tips for smoothing out the process.

You generally only get one shot at printing a large format piece. Large format printing is EXPENSIVE and you more than likely won’t get a mock or preview piece. Be sure you go over all the details with a fine-tooth comb and this list for best results.

Printing Large Format? Read This First.

The first time you design a billboard or a large banner for a tradeshow is an intimidating experience. I had so many questions the first time! Many of you might be wondering where I have been for the past few weeks. At the beginning of March, I took a cruise in the western Caribbean. It […]

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