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Interview with an Art Director

I hope you all have enjoyed the final two installments in the Principles of Design series on Creative Curio. I thought it might be nice to turn your attention to another equally important aspect of design, the business side! Scary. Is there anything to do beyond being a graphic designer? What upward mobility do we have? For answers, I talked with Ms. Purple Lemon herself, Kelly Rinehart! Kelly is an art director for Hancock Fabrics.

In-House, Studio or Freelance Designer?

For graphic designers, there are three main job situations: an in-house art department, a studio/firm/agency, or freelance.

I remember when I was close to graduating college in 2006, the professors asked us which situation appealed to us the most and why. At the time, I wanted to be an in-house designer because I thought a situation like that would afford me the most stability without the huge time commitment that I had always heard was required of studio designers.

Now that I’ve been an in-house designer for almost 3 years (I started working before I graduated), I’m wondering what the pros and cons really are for other positions.

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