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Interview with an Art Director

I hope you all have enjoyed the final two installments in the Principles of Design series on Creative Curio. I thought it might be nice to turn your attention to another equally important aspect of design, the business side! Scary. Is there anything to do beyond being a graphic designer? What upward mobility do we have? For answers, I talked with Ms. Purple Lemon herself, Kelly Rinehart! Kelly is an art director for Hancock Fabrics.

Six Questions on Being a Graphic Designer

While thinking of some interview questions a while back, I started wondering how other creative and design bloggers would answer them. It would probably take too long to try to interview everyone, and then that would only benefit me with content. So why don’t you let these questions inspire your next post? I would love […]

The World of Movie Props, Letterpress and Design

A while ago I got an email from Taxi inviting me to check out their 100th issue celebration. I poked around the site a bit, particularly reading all the quotes on design and I found one particularly intriguing by a guy named Ross MacDonald. “Often the ‘perfect’ font is too big or too small, or […]

Designer Interview: Ian M

Toon over at Estetica Design Forum (you’ll remember him from his great article on Is There a New Trend in Logo Design? here on Creative Curio last month) initiated a neat project among a few of the forum members who also run design blogs. You saw the interview Alex from Crazy Leaf Design blog did […]

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