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New Designy Stuff Around the Interwebs

There have been some new (and some new-to-me) things popping up since I last wrote. Here’s a little taste of things that I’ve found: For Print Only, new from Under Consideration. Grain Edit. Good Designers Ask “Why?”. For Graphic Designers Only.

Paper Inspirations

Paper is pretty.

Ok, so maybe I’m just weird, but I love getting paper sample books in the mail. With all the digital processes today, it’s so nice to hold something and feel its texture and warmth.

The paper swatch books usually have a section in them for performance, where they have samples of how the paper performs under different conditions—foil stamping, metallic ink, embossing, etc. I’ve even seen samples printed with a letterpress! Can you imagine how fun it would be to design these books?

Inspiration from the Past and Present

I’ve got a wide range of inspiration from Flickr selected for you today. From the 1940s to current trends in graphic design, you’re sure to find some new visual stimulation you’ve never seen before!

The past is a great source of inspiration. As you look through the following collections, think about what elements are making a comeback. What elements should be making a comeback? Challenge yourself: try using something new from the past in your next design.

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