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Creative Uses for Paragraph Rules in InDesign, Pt 2

Last time I shared a creative way to use paragraph rules in InDesign to make headers stand out; we looked at how to use them to put a block of color behind the words. This time, I was going to show you how to use both a Rule Above and Rule Below to create an effect, but when I was examining a few options, I realized that there was a much easier way to create the effect without using two rules.

Creative Uses for Paragraph Rules in InDesign, Pt 1

Adding blocks of color behind text seems to be popular these days. Is there a way to do this without creating actual shape boxes though? Why yes there is! Thanks for asking.

By modifying the paragraph rules found under paragraph panel flyout menu>Paragraph Rules… you can make these color blocks appear behind your text.

Want an example? Okie-dokie.

Mail Merge is Dead! Long Live InDesign Data Merge!

Have you ever had to set up a catalog, a set of coupons or ads that are basically repetitive and have data stored in a database or spreadsheet?

If you’re currently working on this type of project, you are so in luck because InDesign will automate the creation of these sections of data! All you need to do is set up the source properly and create a template for the data in InDesign. Keep reading to find out just how easy this is and why you’ll never go back to Mail Merge in Word again!

The Best InDesign Tip Ever!

I have a simple but essential tip to give you for working in InDesign.

Learn to love the Control/Command key!

Here’s why: Scale Objects Quickly, Select Objects Below, Create Spread Guides While Zoomed In. Read more to find out exactly how to do these.

Check Out These Great Design Links!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out into the blogiversosphere. Maybe it’s been too long for you too? Jump back in with these fantastic design posts from the past few weeks, including some announcements of InDesign CS4 features! Woo!

Answers to Reader Questions on InDesign

I received an email from a reader recently. For any of you that are also new to InDesign, I thought you might benefit from my response, below, a little more organized than my response to her.

In this post I’ll cover Paste in Place, a little bit about InDesign Layers, a few InDesign shortcuts, adjusting the stacking order of objects, the Step and Repeat function, contextual menus and more beginner articles on Creative Curio.

If you have any questions about InDesign, be sure to check out this article and post a comment!

ACE InDesign and a Few Tips I Picked Up Along the Way

Do you want to be an ACE? I do! And that’s why I’m studying to take the Adobe Certified Expert exam for InDesign.

There is so much to this program that I never knew! I’ve been using it fairly regularly for at least a year and I thought I had a pretty firm grasp of it. There are so many little ways that InDesign can help you out by automating layout elements. Let me share a few I’ve learned this week, specifically setting document defaults for all new documents (and what you can set as a default), working with sections, and autoflow text.

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