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InDesign Project — Working with Text and Images

I should’ve said something about shortcuts at the very beginning of this series. Shortcuts are so invaluable to me and once you get used to them, they will speed up your workflow quite a bit. I’m not going to publish all the InDesign shortcuts I use because I’ve already done that!

Now comes the fun part! All the setup details are out of the way and it’s time to start compiling everything and watch the final document take shape.

In this step of the InDesign Project, we’ll talk about placing and working with images and text.

Building a Design Library: Dynamic Image Shapes

I have seen discussion around the web lately about keeping a design library. Many CSS experts have suggested this before for coding. Having a collection of elements that work can save a lot of time when trying to come up with ideas for elements like page runners, pull quotes and section dividers. I don’t have one of these collections yet (I’m thinking of it as a personal stockpile) but I’ve been looking through my work and at other examples to see how they handle pictures in particular.

Details are important when it comes to a design. Things like the shape of the photos used can make a big impact on the cohesive feeling the piece has.

Vector Magic

Have you seen Vector Magic yet? There has been a bit of buzz around this new online program that takes a raster (pixel-based) image and converts it to vector shapes. I thought I’d test it out to see how it held up. Results on Photography I took the following flower image and tested it at […]

File Formats for Images

There are so many different file types out there it can be confusing when you have to choose how to export your images! This is a quick primer on four (well, five) different file formats: three for the web – JPG, GIF and PNG – and two for print – TIFF and EPS.

How to Scan Images

Have you ever been given images that have been previously printed, perhaps in a catalog, and been expected to use them in your own design? Previously printed images look horrible when scanned back into the computer, but sometimes you just have to do it. There must be a way to improve them, right? Right!

Fixing scanned images is actually pretty simple. It’s not going to look as good as if you had the original digital files, but it won’t look too bad, either.

Never Deal With Pixilated Images Again!

What do you do when you have to work on billboard-sized images, but your little computer can’t handle them? Work at smaller dimensions and then upsample at the end! But images can get too blurry when you increase the resolution, so what should you do?

Genuine Fractals to the rescue!

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