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Using Expert Features of Illustrator: Glyphs and Pathfinder

This is a guest post by Esben Thomsen. I’m always looking for guest authors for Creative Curio! Some time ago I saw Alec’s beautiful wallpaper artwork (shown above) on Flickr.com. He has a big crush on Minion Pro–who doesn’t like stressed o’s? Another awesome feature of Minion Pro, is how many glyphs come with that […]

Printing Large Format? Read This First.

The first time you design a billboard or a large banner for a tradeshow is an intimidating experience. I had so many questions the first time! Many of you might be wondering where I have been for the past few weeks. At the beginning of March, I took a cruise in the western Caribbean. It […]

Learn to Use Three of the Most Important Tools in Illustrator

by Esben Thomsen In this tutorial we are going to make a PDF icon and I know what most of you are thinking… “PDF icon, what should I use that for? That’s completely useless, just like Illustrator!” But hear me out! Aside from a lesson in using the three basic Illustrator tools–Pen tool, Selection tool […]

Everything You Need to Know About Creating an RSS Icon in Illustrator

By Esben Thomsen The purpose for this tutorial is to learn how to use the palettes mentioned previously. I will be using Illustrator CS3 for this article. In addition to the RSS icon, I will show you how to crop artwork in CS3 and how you should be able to do it in CS2 and […]

Shortcut Shindig — Illustrator

Key commands or shortcuts are essential for quick and efficient workflow. The Shortcut Shindigs featured here on Photoshop (see Essential Photoshop Shortcuts and Make Your Life Easier with a few Photoshop Functions, too) and InDesign have been very popular, and Esben’s intro to Illustrator series is a great hit! So why not follow up with […]

All About Views and the Artboard in Illustrator

Sometimes when working in Illustrator it is necessary to go into view modes that are beyond the basics. But what are they? When is the best time to use them? Esben, our resident Illustrator expert, returns with several ways, detailed below, that Illustrator can display your artwork. Outline Mode Normally you draw in preview mode, […]

Customizing Illustrator for Maximum Efficiency

I hope you didn’t miss Esben’s introduction to Illustrator last Monday! Go back and read it if you did! This week, Esben shows us how to set up Illustrator palettes so that you can work more efficiently and not always have to go hunting for the right palettes. by Esben Thomsen The first steps are […]

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