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Communication Arts Illustration Annual 49

I just got my Communication Arts Illustration Annual 49 yesterday! There is some great stuff in this year’s annual (isn’t there always?) and I thought you all might like a little peek. In this article you will find the works of six illustrators that were featured in the 49th Illustration Annual, along with links to their portfolios if I could find them. I hope you enjoy!

Inspiration from the Past and Present

I’ve got a wide range of inspiration from Flickr selected for you today. From the 1940s to current trends in graphic design, you’re sure to find some new visual stimulation you’ve never seen before!

The past is a great source of inspiration. As you look through the following collections, think about what elements are making a comeback. What elements should be making a comeback? Challenge yourself: try using something new from the past in your next design.

Great Art You Just Don’t Want to Miss!

sure hope you didn’t think Flickr was the only place for awesome collections of digital art! deviantArt has some pretty incredible artists and designers and even more people that like to make collections of the best stuff from the site. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some deviations.

If you’ve never visited deviantArt before, make sure to click on the Next Page links at the bottom of the collections to see more. All of them have more than one page, so don’t miss out!

Not to be Missed Design Inspirations from Flickr

From generic to specific, Flickr groups and individual member sets abound in this social media center for images. Flickr isn’t just for your vacation pictures or your latest lolcat photos anymore. Flickr is a great place for loads of inspiration from letterpress to graffiti, typography to doodles. As a graphic designer, I’m always in search of new sources of inspiration for a wide variety of projects. Flickr is the answer!

Vector Magic

Have you seen Vector Magic yet? There has been a bit of buzz around this new online program that takes a raster (pixel-based) image and converts it to vector shapes. I thought I’d test it out to see how it held up. Results on Photography I took the following flower image and tested it at […]

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