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How to Create Aged Tape from Scratch in Photoshop

The grunge look is pretty popular right now and although I didn’t mean to, the new Creative Curio design is going to have many grungy elements to it. The navigation in particular is using an aged tape graphic created in Photoshop. Want to learn how I did it? Keep reading! Creating the Master Tape Texture […]

How to Design Unique Photoshop Brushes

Jacob Cass started his blog, Just Creative Design, in January of 2008 and it has grown at an incredible rate thanks to his quality articles on design and creativity. Currently he is hosting a $5000 prize giveaway graphic design group writing project that is sure to be worth bookmarking when all the contributions are compiled! […]

How to Set Up a Consistent Baseline in InDesign

I’ve talked about setting up a consistent baseline before, but I realized I’ve not explained exactly how to do it; I’ve only mentioned it briefly at best. First, you should be familiar with the points and picas system, and also how to use them. It will require a bit of planning, but your documents will […]

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