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Stand Out from the Crowd

When something is important in a layout, be it for a brochure or a website, you want it to stand out. But how do you do that? Contrast is the Key Contrast can come in many forms. Most people think of contrast in terms of light and dark, white vs. black. But that’s only one […]

Why Color is Critical

magine what our world would be like without color.

Grey sky.

Black sea.

White grass.

How dull!

While value is a great way to influence the mood, create interest and add depth to a project, color can be critical to a design’s success or failure. Food would certainly not look as appetizing in black and white, and I’m sure you ladies wouldn’t buy that red dress without knowing whether it’s an orange-red or a blue-red.

What You Need to Know About Size

Have you ever visited somewhere when you were little and then gone back many years later when you were an adult? Did you bring a friend along with you and blather on excitedly all the way there about how it would be absolutely super-colossal, gigantic, enormous!

But then you get there.

As an adult, the magic is gone. You realize it was only your perspective as a small child that made the pool seem so huge.

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