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The Big Collection of Apothecary Inspiration

Lately I’ve been so inspired by the apothecary style design work out there. I’ve collected some links and package examples to share some of my inspiration with you. I hope you find them equally enjoyable!

Inspirations here come from around the web, Flickr and The Handy Book of Artistic Printing.

I also give some observations and tips on how you can incorporate these elements into your own designs.

Breaking Down a Child-like Style into the Elements of Design

Design theory is nice, but studying practical application is much more useful! Styles and moods are created using the elements of design, but sometimes it can be difficult to zero in on exactly what you need.

What specifically dictates the look of a style? Knowing or being able to figure out why a design radiates a particular mood will help you either guide a design towards that look or steer it away. I’ve had many times when I’ve done a logo that just looks too childish and at first I can’t pinpoint exactly why. There have been other times when I want a distinctly Renaissance look, but my art elements just don’t quite make it. Let’s take a look at what elements these designs have in common that gives them their juvenile appeal.

Initial Creative Concepts For Annual Convention

I (Jerrol) just finished two initial theme variations for my company’s annual convention/trade show and thought I would share them with Creative Curio readers as well as discuss my thought process for how I approached each design. I’ll be presenting my concepts to the decision makers later this week and when one is chosen I’ll be using that look for a whole slew of materials for convention.

If you’ve never designed for a convention, it’s a real blast (and also a TON of work). The best part about designing for a convention is walking through the convention center and seeing artwork you designed everywhere, especially the large format pieces like giant posters, displays, booths and banners.

How to Create a Fresh Mood with the Elements of Design

Some people find it mysterious that designers and artists can create a specific look and feel for a piece. They are baffled by how much the design emanates a particular mood. I think sometimes even other designers and artists wonder how the piece so captures a particular emotion!

If you can put aside the belief that it is magic, and take a close look, you’ll find it’s not so mysterious after all. Study how a layout uses the elements of design, pick apart the use of line and value, notice the color palette.

Let’s take a “fresh” look as an example and break it down.

Fast and Easy Ways to Create Custom Grunge Textures

Did you know you can use Photoshop brushes for tools other than the Brush? You’ve probably noticed recently that there is a resurgence of the grunge look in graphic arts. If you don’t want to use someone else’s pre-fab textures, you’ll need to make your own. Or maybe you’ve found one you sort of like […]

Tutorial: Creating a Stamped Effect

Remember I shared with you some graphic styles I would like to try some time in my design work? Recently I have been working on a project using a rubber stamp style. The following is the method I used to create the look of a rubber stamp using Photoshop.

If you’re very familiar with Photoshop and the terminology, here’s the short version:

1. Create shapes
2. Rasterize layers
3. Add layer mask
4. Trace around “ink” shapes in mask
5. With mask selected, go to Filter>Brush Strokes>Spatter

Graphic Styles to Try

Have you ever seen a design and thought to yourself, “Oh, wow! I need to try that some day.” I quite frequently do that and a while ago I decided to start a list of these graphic styles I’d like to try. This list, along with a Photoshop document I’ve started of examples, helps me […]

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