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Taking Design from Good to Great with Gradients

Gradients are one of those things that can take a design from good to great. Sometimes it’s hard to get the values just perfect though!

No problem. We can check out what other people have done in the past. Below I’ve shown the original piece and then I took it into Photoshop and sampled a spot from the center of the gradient and also from the darkest area of the gradient. Just use those values to create a cool gradient for yourself.

In the second part of this post, I’ll show you a little experiment I created with the gradients and some “glowing” splatters.

Illustrator Gradients Simplified

Learning Illustrator gradient tools is often one of the big hurdles for Photoshop gurus when they switch, and I feel their pain! Below you will find a complete guide to solving all the frustrations you will ever experience with gradients in Illustrator.
If you double click the small slider squares in the gradient bar, a “color palette” pops up and trying to use that to make your gradients will certainly raise your blood pressure! It’s completely useless to use this palette to find your colours, at least that’s my opinion. Let me show you some better ways.

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