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Selections from Communication Arts Design Annual 49

Are you subscribed to Communication Arts? Well why not??

I love this design publication and if you’ve been around here any length of time you’ve probably heard me say that it is like getting a design book in the mail 8 times a year…

But enough on my Comm Arts plug. Time for pictures! The following are some of my favorite winners from the Design Annual 49 (November 2008). I did a showcase from the Illustration Annual earlier this year, too.

Communication Arts Illustration Annual 49

I just got my Communication Arts Illustration Annual 49 yesterday! There is some great stuff in this year’s annual (isn’t there always?) and I thought you all might like a little peek. In this article you will find the works of six illustrators that were featured in the 49th Illustration Annual, along with links to their portfolios if I could find them. I hope you enjoy!

Resources for Inspiration

How often do you finally decide to start a project you’ve been meaning to work on only to discover you have absolutely no idea what to do?

I feel like I go through that with every project! What do I do? Research.

There are hundreds of remarkable articles on inspiring websites and Smashing Magazine usually puts together pretty good collections, like 60 Elegant and Visually Appealing Designs. If you’re one a little more for the typography of websites, there are 15 that make the crème de la crème list at I Love Typography.

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