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Exercises to Cultivate Your Creativity

Creativity is not just about how good of a designer you are, it’s about how well you can solve problems and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

In this post, I’ll go over some sites that have many exercises for you to improve your creativity, including Edward de Bono’s How to Have Creative Ideas, Von Glitschka’s squiggle line exercises, doodlage, silhouette reinvention and image streaming. You’re sure to feel creative after this post!

Ancient Arts Revived: Modern Origami and Other Paper Crafts

Give your design a personal touch. Think about adding some origami or note-folding to it!

See examples and get plenty of links to money folding, note folding, traditional origami, Toy Paper monsters, even Star Wars origami (and diagrams!), plus amazing paper art by the likes of Jen Stark, Peter Callesen and Richard Sweeney!

Will this inspire you to create something unique for your next design or ad campaign?

You Know You’re a Graphic Designer When…

You watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials and then critique the CG and cinematography.

Your friends and family won’t watch movies or TV with you because you make too many comments about the poor lighting or bad composition.

You are pro-Facebook because 95% of the MySpace pages burn your retinas.

You are completely immune to subliminal advertising.

You refuse to purchase products that have poorly designed packaging.

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