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Photoshop Action Freebie: Light Writing Effect

Light writing styles are becoming quite popular in graphic design right now. There have been several tutorials from PSDtuts on the subject and one in particular that used letters and layers. It was a looong process to go through and change each letter on 20 different layers!

Well guess what! I have a Photoshop action for you (developed by my husband, Jerrol) that will do almost the same exact thing in a matter of seconds! The only difference is that it will not change the font for you. I think it looks just as good with all the same font (sometimes even better, depending on the effect you want), but you can always go in and change it after the action creates all the layers for you.

So That’s What I’ve Been Missing! Photoshop Brushes!

I think after three and a half years in Photoshop I’ve finally learned what I’ve been missing: Brushes!

I’ve always tried to modify the default PS brushes to fit my needs, whether it be to create a water color painting or to give my designs a grungy feel.

Recently I was reading a watercolor tutorial on Web Designer Wall, and Nick pointed his readers over to Bittbox’s Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes (set 2). I downloaded them to do the tutorial and then discovered the wonderfulness that is third party Photoshop brushes!

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