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My Adventures in Letterpress Printing

As many of you know I’m taking a letter press printing class! So far it’s a lot of fun, but we haven’t even gotten to the printing part yet. The first week we watched the instructor print some cards. We saw how the C&P inked itself (it’s automatic and runs on a motor) and then watched as she set up the job. The second week is when we finally got to do some hands on work! Yay!

InDesign Project — Bleed and Layering Master Pages

I thought I had finished my last InDesign Project installation and then I realized I hadn’t walked you through setting up bleed or talked to you about the different screen/view modes. Tracey had also asked if I would further expand on the idea of layering master pages. Sorry this is a little out of the normal flow of a project!

InDesign Project — Working with Text and Images

I should’ve said something about shortcuts at the very beginning of this series. Shortcuts are so invaluable to me and once you get used to them, they will speed up your workflow quite a bit. I’m not going to publish all the InDesign shortcuts I use because I’ve already done that!

Now comes the fun part! All the setup details are out of the way and it’s time to start compiling everything and watch the final document take shape.

In this step of the InDesign Project, we’ll talk about placing and working with images and text.

InDesign Project — Setting Up Master Pages and Styles

Last time I showed you how I set up my files with Grids, Guides and Baselines. Now let’s continue down the road of good file prep practices and look at the Master Pages and text styles. These are all very important steps! Don’t skip them for the sake of saving time at the beginning. You’ll regret it later when you have a messy file and you’ll probably be embarrassed to pass it on to another designer.

InDesign Project — Grids, Guides and Baselines

Way back in October 2007 I published a series of beginning articles on InDesign that discussed Setup Basics, Master Pages, Paragraph and Character Styles, Layers and Shortcuts. Several people wanted to see a walkthrough on a real InDesign project, which is a great idea. Well, I’m finally getting to publishing that now!

We’ll pick this up at the digital stage. I’ve already done my thumbnail sketches and digital comps.

Three More Devastating Mistakes Every Designer Will Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Mistakes happen. Some even say you should make mistakes faster so that you can learn from them! They can’t be completely avoided, but if you know what to look for, you can learn something without the pain of living through the aftermath. A while ago , I posted Three Devastating Mistakes Every Designer Will Make […]

Printing Large Format? Read This First.

The first time you design a billboard or a large banner for a tradeshow is an intimidating experience. I had so many questions the first time! Many of you might be wondering where I have been for the past few weeks. At the beginning of March, I took a cruise in the western Caribbean. It […]

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