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Taking Design from Good to Great with Gradients

Gradients are one of those things that can take a design from good to great. Sometimes it’s hard to get the values just perfect though!

No problem. We can check out what other people have done in the past. Below I’ve shown the original piece and then I took it into Photoshop and sampled a spot from the center of the gradient and also from the darkest area of the gradient. Just use those values to create a cool gradient for yourself.

In the second part of this post, I’ll show you a little experiment I created with the gradients and some “glowing” splatters.

Small Details of a Blog Design

Are you thinking about redesigning your blog soon? There are quite a few special things to consider with this type of website, and as I’ve just launched my new redesign, I thought you might appreciate some tips, resources and points to consider for a blog redesign (or bookmark this for later because you know you’ll eventually need to redesign!)

The Creative Process: Details, Details, Details

The Creative Curio redesign started the coding phase this week! My wonderful Web wizard husband agreed to take on the challenge. I’m trying to get him to write a post or two about the process (maybe some comments to the tune of “Yes, please!!” will get him to do it!). I’m hoping to be able […]

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