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Great Inspiration On and Offline

I’ve been doing quite a bit of original creative recently and it’s been helpful to have tons of design resources. Thanks mostly to blogs like Inspiration Bit, David Airey (and Logo Design Love), iLT, Just Creative Design and Smashing Magazine, I’ve found some great inspiration for my work. I thought maybe you all could benefit from a fairly comprehensive list of creative inspiration, too!

Great Art You Just Don’t Want to Miss!

sure hope you didn’t think Flickr was the only place for awesome collections of digital art! deviantArt has some pretty incredible artists and designers and even more people that like to make collections of the best stuff from the site. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some deviations.

If you’ve never visited deviantArt before, make sure to click on the Next Page links at the bottom of the collections to see more. All of them have more than one page, so don’t miss out!

Not to be Missed Design Inspirations from Flickr

From generic to specific, Flickr groups and individual member sets abound in this social media center for images. Flickr isn’t just for your vacation pictures or your latest lolcat photos anymore. Flickr is a great place for loads of inspiration from letterpress to graffiti, typography to doodles. As a graphic designer, I’m always in search of new sources of inspiration for a wide variety of projects. Flickr is the answer!

The Creative Process: Doodles are the Key to Success

I had a lot of fun this week coming up with a combination of “curio” and interesting brush work. I looked to the more mystic side of the traveling circuses for my inspiration and I really like the direction this design is headed. Last week I thought I was taking on a look that was […]

The Creative Process: Researching Alternatives

If you’re new to Creative Curio, you’ve come to the most popular series of articles! But you’re in luck! Only two weeks have gone by since I started documenting my creative process as I redesign my blog. The first week, I wrote about steps one and two in the design process, research and thumbnails, in […]

The Creative Process: Wire Frames and Experiments

I was so elated by all of your comments on my last blog design post! It gave me a lot of energy for the project. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and links. I hope you will contribute to the process again this week, too! And a huge thanks to John for stumbling […]

The Creative Process: Ideas for My Blog Design

The Blog Design, Week 1 Last time I announced I am working on a blog redesign and I showed you a composite of a few sketches I’ve done so far. John made an awesome suggestion in the comments that I should document the work as I’m going and share it with you as it’s happening. […]

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