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The Most Important Thing About Graphic Design is…

What do you think the most important thing about graphic design is?

knowing what graphic design is (or isn’t!)?

learning about the Elements and Principles of design?

being flexible and adapting to be what the client needs, be it illustrator, designer, copy writer or web developer?

a set of rules or a creed?

just practicing?

problem solving skills?

your title?

Come join the discussion!

Using Other People’s Content is OK!

Using other people’s intellectual property is not only ok, it’s necessary in the professional world of graphic design. WHAT?! Yes, really. As much of a purist as I like to be, in the real world I’m finding it’s impossible to design without using other people’s stuff (purchased ligit of course). You simply don’t have the […]

Art vs. Design: The Great Debate

How much of design is layout (organizing elements on the page) versus creating artwork? Some designers are very skilled at creating illustrations, others can composite the most beautiful and detailed images.

But as designers, do we need to be able to create all those wonderful illustrations and artistic styles?

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