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Finding Color Inspiration Around the Web

Color is sometimes a struggle for designers, especially when on the hunt for those perfect hues that will convey the meaning behind the design at first glance. We’ve looked at some popular color palettes from a variety of media and even palettes from nature before, and now let’s take a look at some from around […]

Experimenting with Photoshop Brushes

Last time, I showed you most of the different options in the Brushes Palette. If you haven’t read that yet, go check out Customizing Photoshop Brushes.

These last few features can also be found in the Brush Palette (F5, or Window>Brushes, or find it in the quick palettes in the upper right hand corner of the program window). They do not have any options, they are merely in an on or off state. Remember to select the Brush Tool (B) going to the Brush palette or the options will be greyed out.

How to Customize Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes can be intimidating to use for the first time. First, you don’t know where to go to download them. I would suggest BittBox, Brusheezy and Obsidian Dawn for starters. But then once you get to those sites, there is an overwhelming amount of brushes to look through!

How to Match Colors and Styles Across Multiple InDesign Documents

always love sharing little tips and tricks I’ve learned while working on a project. This is a quick little InDesign tutorial on loading swatches and paragraph styles from a previous document into a new one.

First, it’s important to set up paragraph and character styles. These changes I’m going to talk about are impossible without the styles as a base. It’s a good idea to always create styles anyway, because it makes document-wide changes almost instantaneous.

Need Color Inspiration?

Having struggled recently on finding a color palette for a project, I decided to start keeping track of palettes I find that I like (you already know I collect design pieces I find attractive). I by no means claim these came from my own head.

What I present below is a collection I’ve started, particularly because sites Kuler and ColourLovers have become so overwhelming and I find that many of the palettes do not work once applied to real projects (too many are just pretty transitions from pink to blue or gradients from dark to light of a hue).

Picking the Perfect Color Palette

Do you ever struggle to find those elusive perfect colors for a graphic design project? What do you do?

There are many color theming sites out there, like Adobe Kuler and Colour Lovers, but not all of the themes people put together actually work with a real project and there are a lot to dig through.

Are there any “old reliable” color themes you always go back to?

Nature’s Color Palette

Nature provides some of the most striking and beautiful color palettes imaginable! You don’t have to look far to find great inspiration. Flowers especially can give you such a varied and bright color scheme that you will never run out of ideas. I had so many flower pictures I wanted to share with you, but […]

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