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The Quick and Easy Guide to Color Correction Part 2

In part one of this guide I covered the basics for color balancing. In this guide, I’ll show you more advanced techniques on how to take your color corrected photo and turn it into a gorgeous, glossy photo you might find on the cover of a magazine. This process relies a lot more on artistic interpretation than straightfoward color correction, so an eye for color certainly helps.

While my objective with this post is to achieve a colorful glossy underwater photo, you can use the same techniques to achieve any kind of style or mood you are looking for whether it’s a Film Noir look or a cold wintery day feel to your photo.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Color Correction Part 1

This guide will serve as an introduction to people who are not familiar with how to color balance their photos as well as serve as a refresher for those who are. Part 2 will feature more advanced techniques and methods to take your great looking photo and make it look incredible.

Advanced But Simple Color Correction

Levels is the way to start out color correcting your photographs in Photoshop, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

What do you do if your darks aren’t rich enough but the overall color is a little too bleak? What if the white balance is off?

There are many, many more options beyond levels to color correct photos.

Color Correcting a Photo with Levels

You’ve take the perfect shot. You’re so excited to see what it looks like on a 21” monitor instead of your camera’s little 2” display.

You download the photo and pull it up. Ugh! It’s so dull! It’s nothing like the beautiful flower you took a picture of! What happened? How can you fix it?

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