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What Do You Consider Good Design?

Last time we talked about surrounding yourself with design (good or bad!) in order to improve your sense of design and how it’s important to notice the details that makes a design good or bad.

It seems that it would be a wise idea to have a collection of good design to study and learn from. Do you have a folder or file that you keep outstanding design in? I do! I don’t put as much into it as I would like to, but here are a few of my favorite pieces and why I like them.

Resources for Inspiration

How often do you finally decide to start a project you’ve been meaning to work on only to discover you have absolutely no idea what to do?

I feel like I go through that with every project! What do I do? Research.

There are hundreds of remarkable articles on inspiring websites and Smashing Magazine usually puts together pretty good collections, like 60 Elegant and Visually Appealing Designs. If you’re one a little more for the typography of websites, there are 15 that make the crème de la crème list at I Love Typography.

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