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Fast and Easy Ways to Create Custom Grunge Textures

Did you know you can use Photoshop brushes for tools other than the Brush? You’ve probably noticed recently that there is a resurgence of the grunge look in graphic arts. If you don’t want to use someone else’s pre-fab textures, you’ll need to make your own. Or maybe you’ve found one you sort of like […]

How to Design Unique Photoshop Brushes

Jacob Cass started his blog, Just Creative Design, in January of 2008 and it has grown at an incredible rate thanks to his quality articles on design and creativity. Currently he is hosting a $5000 prize giveaway graphic design group writing project that is sure to be worth bookmarking when all the contributions are compiled! […]

Review of Wacom Intuos and Graphire Pen Tablets

First things first: it’s pronounce Whack-um, not Way-com. Weird, I know.

I began using a Graphire3 4×5 (I think that’s the equivalent of the A6 in Europe) tablet a few years ago when I was learning Photoshop. It was recommended to me by my professor and at $99, I thought I’d try it.

I really loved the feel of working with a pen instead of a mouse and it made controlling art tools in Photoshop so much easier! In this article, I present you with my personal review of this must-have peripheral.

Experimenting with Photoshop Brushes

Last time, I showed you most of the different options in the Brushes Palette. If you haven’t read that yet, go check out Customizing Photoshop Brushes.

These last few features can also be found in the Brush Palette (F5, or Window>Brushes, or find it in the quick palettes in the upper right hand corner of the program window). They do not have any options, they are merely in an on or off state. Remember to select the Brush Tool (B) going to the Brush palette or the options will be greyed out.

How to Customize Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes can be intimidating to use for the first time. First, you don’t know where to go to download them. I would suggest BittBox, Brusheezy and Obsidian Dawn for starters. But then once you get to those sites, there is an overwhelming amount of brushes to look through!

So That’s What I’ve Been Missing! Photoshop Brushes!

I think after three and a half years in Photoshop I’ve finally learned what I’ve been missing: Brushes!

I’ve always tried to modify the default PS brushes to fit my needs, whether it be to create a water color painting or to give my designs a grungy feel.

Recently I was reading a watercolor tutorial on Web Designer Wall, and Nick pointed his readers over to Bittbox’s Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes (set 2). I downloaded them to do the tutorial and then discovered the wonderfulness that is third party Photoshop brushes!

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