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Combating Designer’s Block

All of us have suffered from it. Designer’s block is miserable, uninspiring and downright discouraging. There are tons of “inspiration” posts that Smash you with information, but does that really help?

This is going to get a little personal, but bear with me. Have you ever considered that your designer’s block is actually a psychological defense? It’s probably stemming from fear about something (yes, I was a Psychology major before discovering graphic design).

I just discovered this awesome process that I think might help combat the block. It’s called The Work by Byron Katie.

I Need Your Help!

How would you design an eye-catching and creative invitation?

I thought it would be cool to present you with a real-world project I’m dealing with right now. I need you help! Let’s have a creative session in the comments.

I need ideas for a creative invitation for an upscale meeting/conference in Palm Beach, Florida. The ideas I need have more to do with presentation than actual artistic style, so I don’t need ideas like ‘do a watercolor painting’ or ‘have palm trees on the front.’ What I do need are interesting components.

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