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Investigating Good Design: Del Taco Campaign

If you’ve spent any time around passionate designers, you’ve probably heard them say they never turn off their designer’s eye. Everywhere we look we’re evaluating design, layout, colors and more. But what are we actually thinking about and is it beneficial? Sure it is! We’re critiquing, which helps us improve our own designs.

Want to know what kinds of things go through my head, even when I’m not at “work”?

The Del Taco “Go Bold or Go Home” Campaign.

4 Tips for Creating an Effective Poster Design

You’re ready to make a poster. The creative juices are flowing and you have a deadline to meet, but wait! Don’t start without reviewing these 4 important poster design tips.

Combating Designer’s Block

All of us have suffered from it. Designer’s block is miserable, uninspiring and downright discouraging. There are tons of “inspiration” posts that Smash you with information, but does that really help?

This is going to get a little personal, but bear with me. Have you ever considered that your designer’s block is actually a psychological defense? It’s probably stemming from fear about something (yes, I was a Psychology major before discovering graphic design).

I just discovered this awesome process that I think might help combat the block. It’s called The Work by Byron Katie.

In-House, Studio or Freelance Designer?

For graphic designers, there are three main job situations: an in-house art department, a studio/firm/agency, or freelance.

I remember when I was close to graduating college in 2006, the professors asked us which situation appealed to us the most and why. At the time, I wanted to be an in-house designer because I thought a situation like that would afford me the most stability without the huge time commitment that I had always heard was required of studio designers.

Now that I’ve been an in-house designer for almost 3 years (I started working before I graduated), I’m wondering what the pros and cons really are for other positions.

The Most Important Thing About Graphic Design is…

What do you think the most important thing about graphic design is?

knowing what graphic design is (or isn’t!)?

learning about the Elements and Principles of design?

being flexible and adapting to be what the client needs, be it illustrator, designer, copy writer or web developer?

a set of rules or a creed?

just practicing?

problem solving skills?

your title?

Come join the discussion!

Exercises to Cultivate Your Creativity

Creativity is not just about how good of a designer you are, it’s about how well you can solve problems and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

In this post, I’ll go over some sites that have many exercises for you to improve your creativity, including Edward de Bono’s How to Have Creative Ideas, Von Glitschka’s squiggle line exercises, doodlage, silhouette reinvention and image streaming. You’re sure to feel creative after this post!

Become a Better Designer by Copying Successful Designs

Sometimes looking for inspiration from designs you think are good can be overwhelming. You get sucked in to how good the design is and then start doubting that you could ever come up with something so creative. Don’t fall into that trap! Let the good design really be an inspiration to you. Learn from it and put your own spin on it. After all, good designers copy, great designers steal!

So how can you learn from good design? How do you make it work for you?

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