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InDesign Project — Grids, Guides and Baselines

Way back in October 2007 I published a series of beginning articles on InDesign that discussed Setup Basics, Master Pages, Paragraph and Character Styles, Layers and Shortcuts. Several people wanted to see a walkthrough on a real InDesign project, which is a great idea. Well, I’m finally getting to publishing that now!

We’ll pick this up at the digital stage. I’ve already done my thumbnail sketches and digital comps.

On Designing a WordPress Theme

Charity is the author of Design Adaptations and is a freelance graphic and web designer in Wyoming, USA. Recently Charity launched her own premium WordPress theme, Cornerstone, and I invited her to share what she learned while taking on this monumental project (she has also released several other free themes). I was eager to read […]

Answers to the Top Design Student Questions

There can be so many impossible questions running through the head of a design student and even those fresh out of college and entering the field. I know I was pretty intimidated about many aspects of design, and the following questions were just a few of the things I wondered about. I can’t draw at […]

Can’t Afford Photoshop? Try The GIMP! It’s Free!

I can’t remember exactly when and where I met Kristarella, but she has since become a regular commenter here on Creative Curio. Whenever I write about Photoshop, she always lets us know whether The GIMP, an open source (read “free”) alternative to Photoshop, can do the same things and if not, then she looks into […]

All About Views and the Artboard in Illustrator

Sometimes when working in Illustrator it is necessary to go into view modes that are beyond the basics. But what are they? When is the best time to use them? Esben, our resident Illustrator expert, returns with several ways, detailed below, that Illustrator can display your artwork. Outline Mode Normally you draw in preview mode, […]

Three Devastating Mistakes Every Designer Will Make and How You Can Avoid Them

There are so many things to remember when you are a graphic designer; bleed, page dimensions, color spaces… important things can easily slip through the cracks! When you are a new designer, it can be even more overwhelming. Through my experience–both by committing these mistakes and by receiving files where others have made them–I have […]

Illustrator, A Beginner’s Guide

Esben is a long time reader of Creative Curio and he approached me a few months ago asking if he could write an Illustrator guide for you readers. I thought this was a great idea and a wonderful learning experience for me, too! You all know I’m a huge fan of Photoshop, but I’m one […]

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