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Using Space: Real World Examples

If you’re a new visitor or subscriber to Creative Curio, you’ve come in towards the beginning of a series on the elements of design. This is the third post on the series real world examples of the elements (the first two being Using Lines and Using Shape, but if you’d like to read up on […]

Stand Out from the Crowd

When something is important in a layout, be it for a brochure or a website, you want it to stand out. But how do you do that? Contrast is the Key Contrast can come in many forms. Most people think of contrast in terms of light and dark, white vs. black. But that’s only one […]

Why Color is Critical

magine what our world would be like without color.

Grey sky.

Black sea.

White grass.

How dull!

While value is a great way to influence the mood, create interest and add depth to a project, color can be critical to a design’s success or failure. Food would certainly not look as appetizing in black and white, and I’m sure you ladies wouldn’t buy that red dress without knowing whether it’s an orange-red or a blue-red.

Add Value to Your Design

Not consciously taking control of the element of value to your designs is like using a flashlight at noon. Its full potential is utterly wasted!
What is Value?

Value is the relative lightness or darkness of an object. It is the difference between shadow and highlight, and all the midtones in between. Value is not the same as color, though value can be used to “color” an image. Black and white photography is a perfect example. It’s not any less appealing because there is no color!

Create Some Space

Have you ever looked at a design, be it an advertisement or a website, and felt repulsed? Like you can’t keep looking at it because something about the design is pushing you away, making you feel an awkward tension, a dizzying overload of information or frustration because you can’t find what you’re looking for?

It’s probably because you are looking at a negligent of space.

Get in Shape in 10 Minutes or Less

Do you only think of circles, rectangles and triangles when you think of shape? True these are the basic shapes that almost everything is made up of, but there’s so much more!
What is a Shape?

Shapes convey meaning, aid in creating direction and can be used quite effectively for drawing attention to a particular section of the design. There are three basic categories to put shapes into: geometric, natural and abstract.

Why Use the Elements of Design?

Perhaps I was a little too hasty in jumping in to the elements of design series. Maybe you didn’t even know I was planning a series! Let’s backtrack just a bit and I’ll explain why we will be discussing the elements of design.

The focus of this blog is obviously graphic design. But we need a place to start; we need some objective standards, guidelines and rules to follow.

That’s where the elements of design come in to play.

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