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InDesign Project — Grids, Guides and Baselines

Way back in October 2007 I published a series of beginning articles on InDesign that discussed Setup Basics, Master Pages, Paragraph and Character Styles, Layers and Shortcuts. Several people wanted to see a walkthrough on a real InDesign project, which is a great idea. Well, I’m finally getting to publishing that now!

We’ll pick this up at the digital stage. I’ve already done my thumbnail sketches and digital comps.

How to Set Up a Consistent Baseline in InDesign

I’ve talked about setting up a consistent baseline before, but I realized I’ve not explained exactly how to do it; I’ve only mentioned it briefly at best. First, you should be familiar with the points and picas system, and also how to use them. It will require a bit of planning, but your documents will […]

Using Points and Picas

By the way, it’s pronounced pieka, as in pie, not pika. Please, no pika. A quick recap from the last post: 1 inch = 6 picas 1 pica = 12 points 1 inch = 72 points Why Use Points and Picas? The thing that I like about using the pica system for page layout is […]

8 Must Have Fonts for Your Collection

A while ago Smashing Magazine did an article on 80 Beautiful Typefaces for Professional Design. We had a little discussion about it over at I Love Typography, too. One thing that appalled me was all the classic typefaces that were missing from the SM list! Staple Serifs Garamond was originally designed by Claude Garamond in […]

Sound Smart. Talk About Type

You want to sound smart don’t you? Of course! Everyone wants to sound smart.

Keep reading, because you’ll learn the secrets to wowing your friends with your new-found typography talents. From serif and sans serif fonts, x-heights to baselines, you’ll learn the basics of what you need.

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