Guest Write for Creative Curio

I would love to have you write for Creative Curio!

It’ll be great for you, me and the readers.

It will be great for you because there are over 4,000 subscribers to Creative Curio (as of August 31, 2009) and 13,500+ monthly visits. Creative Curio also has a Google PR of 4, so that means high quality link love back to your website or blog.

It will be great for me because, hey, I need a break from writing sometimes!

It will be great for the readers because you will offer a fresh perspective and a different take on design ideas than I give them. Excellent discussions are sure to follow!

If you’re interested in writing for Creative Curio, just send me an email and let’s get started!

Please read the following guidelines carefully, so that this is a positive experience for everyone.

1. Articles should be between 500 and 1,200 words

If your article is over or under this range, go ahead and send it anyway and we can discuss changes.

2. I reserve the right to edit text and photos

Although drastic changes will probably not be necessary, I will definitely discuss the edits with you. We can go back and forth several times until we are both reasonably satisfied. Please keep your language and links clean.

3. Make It Design-related

Unfortunately, some articles might be rejected because the content is not specific enough to graphic design. I have a responsibility to my readers to provide high quality, design focused content and I do reserve the right to turn down your article for publication on Creative Curio. In that unfortunate event, I may be able to refer you to another blog that is more along the topic you wrote on.

If you’re struggling for a topic idea how about writing a tutorial on a design technique, sources of inspiration, a design critique, business advice, a book review or something on composition theory?

4. Remember We are Visual Communicators!

Please provide any pictures necessary to illustrate your point or idea. These images must either be your own creation or have a license that allows them to be used on this blog, such as a Creative Commons license. Screenshots are great, too.

My content area is 572 px wide, so please do your best to keep images within this limit.

5. Introduce Yourself

You are welcome to write an introduction or short bio for yourself and include links to your work or websites. As with other content, I reserve the right to edit and will not link to any questionable websites.

6. Join in the Conversation

Please take the time respond to comments and questions about your article after it has been posted and interact with the readers!

Does writing for Creative Curio sound like fun? Contact me and let’s get started!

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