Creative Curio Comment Policy

I hope by reading this that means you would like to comment but are not sure exactly what to do. First of all, I totally encourage you to jump right in! It’s ok if you’re new. Don’t worry about making a “mistake;” we are a great community here and we love to help people learn.

I love hearing from readers! It doesn’t matter if you are a 40 year design veteran or you just stumbled onto this new industry, please share your thoughts! It’s encouraging to me to hear that you’ve found something useful and equally as exciting to have you ask questions so that I can expand on a concept or offer help with a design program. And I don’t know everything. If you know something that I don’t, I will be upset if you don’t share it!

Don’t be shy if what you have to say disagrees with what I’ve stated in a post. Open our eyes to new possibilities or a new way of doing things! I only ask that you be respectful and polite. Explaining why you disagree would help us understand you even more, too.

If you have links that are relevant to the conversation, please share! It’s ok if it is self promotion (as in, a blog post you’ve previously written) as long as it’s on-topic.

I have a Subscribe to Comments plugin installed that allows you to check the box at the bottom of the comment form to be notified of new comments to a particular post. This plugin is a great way to engage in the conversations that happen here, so I encourage you to go ahead and check it! I wouldn’t want to force unwanted emails on you, which is why it’s not checked by default. By the way, I never share your email address, however it is collected (comment, email subscription, etc.), with any one.

Most everyone knows this, but no spam. I will delete your comment if I feel it was left purely to get links and not to contribute to our learning and conversation.

Unfortunately there are mean-spirited people out there, so I must say I will edit or delete comments that are rude, inappropriate or intended to cause harm. I’m sad that I even have to say that and you’ve been warned.

No foul language. Express what you’d like without using crude words, please. Again, I reserve the right to edit your comment.

Finally, if you submitted a comment that didn’t show up immediately after you clicked submit and the page reloaded, it was marked as spam. I apologize if this happens to you, be patient and I will probably fish it out within 24 hours. If it still doesn’t show up, please let me know and I’ll double check that it’s not still in the spam bucket.

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